iPustak is organizing Letter Writing Worldwide Competition for students for the age group of 8 to 18 yrs

Letter Writing Competition Details

On the final count of a number of participants in each age group and in each language, First, Second, Third and Consolation prizes will be given.

Winners will receive a digital certificate and a gift. Selected letters from each age group and from each language will be published in Ankur- audio magazine under iPustak.

Participants should write on any one subject given for their age group-

Age group (A group)
8 yrs to 11 yrs
Word limit: 200 to 250

Subjects for Letter Writing

1.A Letter to your grandmother/grandfather
2.A Letter to your friend

Age group(B group)
12 yrs to 15 yrs
Word limit: 500 to 600

Subjects for Letter Writing

1.A Letter to myself
2.A letter to the nation

Age group(C group)
16 yrs to 18 yrs
Word limit: 450 to 600

Subjects for Letter Writing
1. A Letter to your mother/father/teacher/mentor
2. A Letter to my dreams

All participants will receive a digital participation certificate via e-mail from iPustak

Last date for submission
15th March 2021

Rules For The Competition

$$ Please ensure the work that you submit is your own work. The writings must be clear and legible.

$$. On first page of your letter it is mandatory to mention your name, Age, school/jr college name, city, postal address, Mobile number, e-mail id, page number and the total word count of your letter.

$$. Each participant must send only one letter on one subject related to respective age group .

$$. A Letter Can be in Marathi, Hindi or English.

$$. Participants can send their own letters themselves separately or through their school. You must scan your handwritten letter in pdf format and send it to our e-mail id publisherankur@gmail.com or you can also submit on the link


$$. Participating all schools will also receive the participation certificates. School can send all participants’ submissions together through a school teacher coordinator.

$$. The letter writings will be evaluated in accordance with the following-

A- The overall effectiveness of the letter
B – Beauty Of Language
C- Innovative, Creative and variety parameters
D- Style

$$. All rights are reserved with iPustak team.

$$ For any queries related to Letter writing competition and for Ankur audio magazine please feel free to reach us at publisherankur@gmail.com

Ankur - Letter Writing Competition Form