Using Blog as a Repository. Blog is a virtual home for all your creative writing. In the pre-digital world, it was diaries and files. Now everything is digital and for the author’s it blog now.

Creating a blog has become extremely easy thanks to a variety of services that will host it and help you set it up. You don’t need to be a coder to create a fine blog. iPustak HUB can help you set up your own blog if you work with iPustak HUB

The blog is a great way to connect to people who likely have a built-in interest in your work, your style, your subject which are ultimately the listeners of your audiobook. Creating that community is a key to have a loyal followership.

How iPustak HUB can help in your blog:

  • Provide a separate space for you free of charge for creating your blog. This gives the reader your digital home address and makes readers feel attached to you and your work.
  • Update your blog frequently. iPustak HUB team will help you maintain your blog yourself by providing a key to your digital home. Ideally post a day keeps the blog alive and inspires people to come to your blog more often. Three times a week is a minimum frequency an author should adopt to create enough buzz in the industry. Frequent maintenance is important—it gets people to return regularly.