Youtube is very popular now in India to the extent that India is the largest consumer of YouTube in the entire world.

So it is now very important for the authors to have their presence on YouTube. There a lot of ways an author can showcase their audiobook and their work as a whole in a completely unique manner.

Just like with podcasts, you don’t need to be computer savvy to make videos or post on YouTube. Nor do you need to be a professional director or producer. You don’t even need a camcorder—most digital cameras and cell phones can record video. So pick a topic you enjoy and shoot. Upload your video on YouTube and embed the video player on your blog.

How can you use Youtube?

  • Create a trailer for your audiobook. Book trailers just like a movie trailer, so whether you’re a Rights Holder or a Producer, create a trailer for your audiobook. The book trailer should be between 1-3 three minutes and it is like an advertisement for your upcoming audiobook. iPustak HUB can help you create a book trailer for you and promote it in digital media.
  • Create a vlog(video log). Sometimes a vlog by the author himself talking about his/her book makes an impression on people, which drives people to buy your audiobook and share it in their interest groups.
  • Record Testimonials of the readers who have listened to your audiobook and what they have to say about the audiobook. This will give inspirations to others to purchase your audiobook.

This way the possibilities of using YouTube to your advantage are many. The main goal of uploading some video is to connect with people who might be interested in your work… and who might buy your audiobook.