LinkedIn is a professional Networking site. It’s all about business networking.  LinkedIn is a fantastic place to connect with your audience. But no matter what kind of work you create, using LinkedIn can help you be more productive and more successful. LinkedIn helps you connect with publishers, editors, agents, reviewers, the media, other authors or narrators, recording studios, and many others. This will help increase the readership of your work or audiobook. So get onto linked in and network your way through to success.

Get Started

  1. Go to, enter your name and email address, and join.
  2. Start building your profile by simply following the prompts. You’ll be asked to enter your job status, your country, and so on.
  3. LinkedIn will recommend connections based on the information you enter.
  4. Search for more people you want to add as connections and start building your network!
  5. Get in touch with the people of your interest and who would help you to achieve your goals and your career as a writer.

Connect Your LinkedIn Profile

  • In your LinkedIn profile, include a link to your blog or website, and add your Twitter account.
  • When using Twitter, if you just add”#in” at the end of your every tweet, your status will automatically be updated on LinkedIn as well.
  • Add your link to LinkedIn Profile in your Email Signature.