What exactly is Social Media?

As the word suggests, Social Media is the Media for which the content is produced by society at large and not a specific group of people like media houses as it used to be in the earlier days. Social media also refers to the technology and the platforms that people use to connect and communicate with one another and share information. It includes platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, Instagram etc.

A social network is a generic term for the methods used by the member of the society to connect to each other. They are generally open to the public with a posted profile for each member, along with methods for them to communicate and share contents like photos, videos, text, etc.

Using Social Media for personal branding of Authors?

We can consider that Social Media is a new way of the traditional method of promotion which is ‘Word of Mouth’ done with the use of technology.  Social Media is a tool which helps people share their opinions which also acts as influencing activity for the people in their circle of influence like family members, friends, friends of friends, etc.

Another Advantage of Social Media is to spread the scope of influence across the boundaries. Traditional ‘Word of Mouth’ method had a physical limitation in terms of the physical location and the number of concurrent conversations, However, social media with its tools and platforms now spreads this ‘Word of Mouth’ across the world. If an author creates his/her personal brand methodically, it helps to raise his/her profile and build recognition for them and for their work. In other words, it helps them get the word out about their audiobook to a practically unlimited audience of buyers all across the world.

Social Media also helps connect the author with the follower and create a loyal readership. This loyal group of people is the one who likes the author’s work and waiting to read /hear from the author. The author then can leverage those followers to share the information about the arrival of new audiobook into their network which they would be willing to do, which ultimately leads to more spread and getting more followers and more sale of their audiobook.

How to create a Social Media Presence?

The author can start with the most popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. The idea is to get people interested in your work and have them follow you on social media. So it is important to create content constantly in the Social Media around your audiobook so that people get more interested in knowing more about your audiobook and then ultimately buying to hear the complete book and then promoting it in their circle of influence again through the social media. One of the best methods is to start your own blog which is the most cost-effective ( sometimes free) method that the author has at his/her disposal.

It is very important to keep the Social Media presence live by constantly feeding it by the contents around audiobook to interest people around the work being promoted.

How iPustak HUB can help?

iPustak HUB can help you set up your social media presence for a very reasonable fee and will hold hands in terms of any questions and also with some tips and tricks to make the author’s presence felt in the Social Media Platforms.