Generally the author writing the book holds the right for the Audio version of the book unless it is attributed to any other producer or any other third party by the means of a formal contract.

Confirm Your Rights In most cases, audio rights belong to either the author or the book’s print publisher.

  • If you’re the author and you know that you have retained your audio rights when a publisher acquired print rights to your book, you may safely say that you have the audio rights of your book. However, you should still check your contract or confirm with your publisher or lawyer.
  • If you’re the publisher of a print book and know that the legal entity ( company, partnership etc.) has also explicitly acquired audio rights when it acquired the print rights to the book, the publisher, in this case, has right for producing the audiobook. However, you should also confirm your audio rights status in the formal contract or consult your company’s lawyer.

Once you’ve confirmed that you hold the audio rights to a title, you can contact iPustak HUB to discuss the next steps to convert the literary contents in printed book format or otherwise into a audiobook format.

Evaluate Your Options : In the publishing industry, many times contain clauses that state if audio rights are granted to the print book publisher, but not realized reasonably soon after a book’s publication (for example, specific number of days after print publication of the book), the audio rights revert back to an author. Every publishing agreement is different and not every publishing contract will contain such a provision, but iPustak HUB recommends to consider some of the details of the IP laws and consult your IP lawyer in case of any doubts or queries.