iPustak takes great pleasure to accept content from you related to various aspects of music in Swara-Dhwani
 ‘Swar-Dhwani’, an audio magazine dedicated to music.
This magazine will have audio content which will cover a wide variety of subjects like
  • Audio Articles on various aspects of music
  • Interviews of experts in the field of music
  • Lec-Dems
  • Book Reviews
  • Reading of some important and rare books on music
  • Thematic Presentations
  • Audio presentation of research work or research papers
  • Performances of the promising artistes

And much more…..

This magazine will touch upon all types of music across geographies and genres.

This will be a multilingual magazine which may have articles in various languages depending on the presenter and the topic.

We are glad to have an amazing team of music professionals and scholars as the editorial team for this magazine. They are,

  1. Dr. Chaitanya Kunte
  2. Dr. Pournima Dhumale
  3. Dr. Anaya Thatte
  4. Dr. Ranjani Ramachandran
  5. Sushree Anuradha Kuber
  6. Pt. Rajendra Vaishampayan

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