Phoenix is a bird known for its legend of rising from the ashes and reaching out to the sky. Similarly, humans too rise from difficult situations and try to reach out to the stars of their dreams.

“We are Phoenix” is a collection of stories of the triumphant human beings among us. The extraordinary stories of ordinary people.

iPustak team is determined to search such Phoenix birds in human society and take their stories to the entire world.

These stories will give us hope, courage, inspiration, and a glimpse of true human values in the face of difficulties. These stories will narrate the miracles happening all around us when the human in us is awakened.

These are the real-life stories of the heroes not on the war fronts but heroes among us who have fought the battle of life and who have emerged victorious.

These are sentimental stories of strong hearts and stronger wills. These will bring tears to our eyes as these stories relate to the innermost corner of our hearts with their positivity sensitivity and kind gestures.

So write your heart out and share your story with us.

Some conditions and selection criteria related to these true stories

$$ The length of the story should not be more than 2500 words.

$$ The event in the story should be a real-life event. This true story should be narrated in the first person like I, my, me, etc.

$$ The narration and the message of the story should be very optimistic and inspiring. It should not be negative or agonizing.

$$ You can mention the relationship of the characters in the story (Uncle, Aunt, etc) but if you have to use the names for any reason or reference the real names should not be used as it might infringe on the privacy of the people involved which should be avoided under any circumstances.

$$ The story should be written in form of narration. It should not have the preaching or coaching or boasting tone to it.

$$ It should not give a sense of advertising a product or service or NGO or have any such promotional tone to it.

$$ The narration of the story should have the sensibilities and sensitivities of life. It should be more connected, relevant, grateful, inspiring, and emotionally fulfilling to the reader.

$$ We will give preference to the stories which bring out the best of human values and relationships.

$$ We will give preference to stories that create a bond and mutual respect towards other human beings or other living things. It should be written to improve social cooperation and trust.

$$ The story may bring tears in the eyes not due to sorrow in the story but for the compassion or for something that touched the hearts of the reader positively.

iPustak Team will select the story based on these guidelines and only upon the selection by the team, the story will be recorded in audio and published. The writer will be contacted if a story gets selected.

We Are Phoenix

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