About iPustak HUB

iPustak HUB is an initiative of Sonic Octaves Private Limited, which is an Art, Media and Entertainment Company founded a decade ago with a lot of feathers in the cap in terms of the original content production, marketing and distribution through its various digital distribution channels and partnerships all over the globe.

iPustak HUB is a platform where authors, publishers, and other Rights Holders can get connected with narrators, editors, copywriters, recording engineers, and other stakeholders who are in the trade of creating a finished audiobook. The aim of the HUB is to bring all stakeholders related to production, distribution, marketing of an audiobook on a single platform to synergize the effort of creating an audiobook.

iPustak HUB helps you in all of your audiobook production needs.  If you are an author of the book and you decide to produce the audiobook version of your book, iPustak HUB will provide you all guidance and support to produce and promote your audiobook.

If you already have an audiobook finished and ready for the market, and if you are just interested in selling it through us, iPustak HUB will provide you all guidance and support to promote market and sell your audiobook.

If you want to Monetize your Audio Contents, iPustak HUB will make your content available on various digital distribution platforms including our own so that your audiobook gets maximum exposure to the listeners and you get more monetary gains through your literary endeavor.


We offer a strong network of Audiobook Industry Professional:  Whether you are an author, an established print publisher, a professional or an amateur narrator, or recording engineer,  iPustak HUB brings those professionals together to be more creative, more productive and potentially much more beneficial to every person related to this industry.

We provide support and guidance to understand the implications of IP(Intellectual Property Rights)  If you’re an original author or content creator, we’ll help you understand how audio rights are typically handled in the publishing industry especially in reference to Indian Scenario.

At iPustak HUB  we believe not only in growing ourselves but to be a catalyst for the growth of Audiobook culture in India, leading ultimately to an industry which is proving to be disrupting the traditional print publishing industry. We organize and conduct a lot of small workshops and courses which helps people interested in being part of the audiobook industry to be better in their craft, be it writing, narration, recording engineering, marketing, social media promotions etc. iPustak HUB has the end to end service lines to support the professional and help him settle down in the trade of audiobook production.