Workshop on Narration and Recording Techniques

iPustak, a leading Audiobook Platform for Indian Regional Languages is pleased to announce a unique online course on
Audiobook Narration and Production

Course Covers Following Modules

Module 1: Narration Techniques
S1 Introduction
S2 Industry Scope
S3 Voice Techniques
S4 Reading Techniques
S5 Recording Techniques
S6 Breathing Techniques
S7 Voice Modulation
S8 Character Creation

Module 2: Audio Production Overview
S1 Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) Overview
S2 DAW – Audacity Overview
S3 Recording Voice Track
S4 Editing Voice Track
S5 Cleaning Voice Track
S6 Treating /Beautifying Voice
S7 Mixing Background Music
S8 Mixing Final Track
S9 Mastering Final Track

Module 3 : Digital Distribution Basics
S1 Digital Distribution Channels Overview
S2 Self Publishing Methods
S3 Digital Promotion Tips
S4 Creating your Audio Portfolio

Module 4 : Recording at Home Tips and Tricks
S1 Setting up your Recording Space
S2 Selecting Hardware
S3 Tips and Tricks of Recording on Mobile Device

Course Instructor:
Rajendra Vaishampayan

Next Batch Timings

Saturday 25th November 2023 and Sunday 26th November 2023
3 pm to 7 pm IST

(On Both Saturday And Sunday)

Limited Seats per Batch

Course Fee : $29.99

GST 18% :  $3.99

Total Amount : $33.98

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Course Fee : $29.99      |    GST 18% :  $3.99    

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