Podcasting is like a teaser for your audiobook. — You can create small clips in your voice, and spread it around like the podcast. The clips can include the content related to your work or your audiobook that you want people to listen to you and ultimately make them follower and inspire them to download your audiobook.

Use the simple tools available at your disposal. You can actually create a podcast using your computer microphone, or even you can record your podcast on your mobile device and share the podcast to your fan base or prospective followers. Though the quality of podcasts recorded in the serious settings like a home studio or even a professional studio, it is not really a must for a podcast as generally, podcasts are more of the casual content creation and communication. There are quite a good mobile phones  now available in the Market, which will be useful and effective tool to record your podcast.

So what are the subjects of the podcast? Ideally, it should be related to your work or something that you want people to know about. As it is a more informal type of content generation, you can actually share your ideas or your views on the daily incidences and how it relates to your work or your writing. This entices people to listen to you and if they like your ideas then they would like to follow you and know more about your work and your writing which ultimately drive the downloads of your audiobook.