Exploiting Audio Rights of the Contents. Currently,  Globally few hundred thousand books are published each year, and fewer than five percent of them are produced as audiobooks.  Especially in India, the audiobook culture until now did not get created due to following reasons.

  • Lack of Personal Device
  • Lack of Time with personal Device
  • Need of Multitasking

India did not have personal electronic devices until a few years ago. With the advent and explosion of mobile device usage in India, the potential of audiobooks listeners also has skyrocketed. We at iPustak HUB believe that this is the best opportunity for the content creators to exploit the audio rights of your book or content riding on this wave of mobile device explosion.


So we at iPustak HUB strongly believe

  • The audiobook is the format of the future as far as the creative literary contents are concerns as the limiting factors as mentioned above are completely eradicated with mobile technology.
  • There is a physical limitation to produce, promote, market and distribute the physical printed book. There is a cost associated with each copy printed and distributed through the physical logistical channels. Audiobook completely eliminates that cost.
  • The audiobook can be produced, marketed, promoted and distributed in almost one-eighth of the cost of that of the printed book.
  • Sophisticated digital technology gives control of the production quality of the contents in the creator’s hands. Creators can self publish a high quality of audiobook with very less cost and effort.
  • With life getting busy by the day, it is imperative to rely on audiobooks as an effective means of maximizing the utilization of time without compromising the need for information consumption.